Primal Management Group, Inc. Develops Leaders by Mentoring

Primal Management Group, Inc. has several events lined up, including weekend seminars and conferences, to encourage leadership within the firm. Mentorship is also utilized to train those with leadership potential.

“I think traveling together is one of the smartest things we do as an organization,” stated Isaac, Primal Management Group, Inc.’s Director of Operations. “We hit the road every chance we get. There’s something almost magical about spending time in a car or plane with someone, and then exploring a new city with him or her. It cultivates real friendship.”

Many of these travel opportunities are centered around weekend conferences and seminars, where high achievers qualify to spend time with and learn from other industry leaders. Often, the themes of these weekends revolve around leadership, which makes them invaluable to Primal Management Group, Inc.

"Not only do we get to know each other better, but those who qualify develop lifelong friendships with other top producers from around North America,"

Isaac, Director of Operations

“Not only do we get to know each other better, but those who qualify develop lifelong friendships with other top producers from around North America,” said Isaac. “Invariably, everyone comes home knowing they are leaders, and they enthusiastically set examples for others.”

How Primal Management Group, Inc.’s Director Incorporates Leadership Training Through Mentorship

“Primal Management Group, Inc.’s training program pairs new additions to the firm with experienced professionals right away. It helps bring them up to speed on our methods and cultural norms,” Isaac continued. “It lets everyone on the team know right out of the gate that we are invested in them and their success.”

Another benefit to this personal interaction is that it allows mentors to begin instilling leadership traits right away. Simply by working shoulder-to-shoulder with established leaders at Primal Management Group, Inc., fresh recruits are immediately exposed to the behaviors and attitudes of recognized frontrunners.

Also, since a mentor has personal knowledge of a mentee’s strengths and weaknesses, he or she can push a mentee to stretch in directions the person might not otherwise dare to venture. “Many people are afraid to take risks. Mentors know how to get mentees out of their comfort zones – and getting comfortable with this is important for anyone who wants to occupy a leadership role,” Isaac explained.

Finally, mentorship helps inexperienced professionals gain confidence in general leadership skills, like networking. A mentor can model the appropriate behaviors, and then take on the role of wing person to support their fledgling professional. Concluded Isaac, “A leader might develop without having a mentor, but it will be a much slower and more difficult process. Having a mentor makes the transition from follower to leader much easier, and more enjoyable as well.”

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